Blessed Peter To Rot

In this page you will find material about Blessed Peter To Rot. You are free to download whatever you want, and at the same time we encourage you to share this material in order to propagate the devotion to our Blessed Catechist! If more people pray to him, more miracles will happen, and sooner he can be declared saint!

If you have some material (pictures, writings, etc.) that does not appear here, please share with us!

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Blessed Peter To Rot. A biography of 230 pages written by Fr Tomas Ravaioli, IVE. ENGLISH.

A Catechist Becomes Martyr. A short document written in 1946 by To Rot’s friend, Fr Carl Laufer. ENGLISH.

Too Much Christo. The very first biography of Peter To Rot written in 1950 by To Rot’s friend, Fr Carl Laufer. ENGLISH.

Laip Stori bilong Pita To Rot. A short biography of Peter To Rot. TOK PISIN.

Novena long Bleset Pita To Rot. TOK PISIN.

Laip Stori bilong Pita To Rot bilong ol pikinini. A comic for children. TOK PISIN.

John Paul II – Homily during the Beatification of Peter To Rot

John Paul II – Address to the Bishops of PNG and SI the same day of the Beatification

John Paul II – Address during the welcoming ceremony in POM in 1995

Pope Benedict XVI – Audience on the significance of Martyrdom

Pope Benedict XVI – Homily on the Martyrs of the 20th Century

Prayer cards

Prayer to
Blessed Peter To Rot.
Prea bai Pita To Rot
i ken kamap santu.

Prea bilong
Helpim Famili.
Prea bilong Kamap Holi.
True photo of
Blessed Peter To Rot

Most faithful portrait
of Blessed Peter To Rot