Bible – Buk bilong Gutnius in Tok Pisin with commentaries

Bible – Latin (Vulgata)

Bible – New Testament in Greek


Saint Augustine – Homilies on the gospel of John, homilies on 1 John and Soliloquies

Saint Augustine – Sermon on the mount, harmony of the gospels, homilies on the gospels

Saint Thomas Aquinas – Catena Aurea

Saint Thomas Aquinas – The Catechetical Instructions

Barclay – The Gospel of Matthew 1

Barclay – The Gospel of Matthew 2

Barclay – The Gospel of Mark

Barclay – The Gospel of Luke

Barclay – The Gospel of John 1

Barclay – The Gospel of John 2

Barclay – Acts of the Apostles

Introduction to the Book of Revelation

Benedict XVI – Word of the Lord (Verbum Domini)


Archaeology – Dead Sea Scrolls

Archaeology – Exploring the Resurrection of Jesus

Archaeology – Israel: an Archeological Journey

Archaeology -Ten Top Biblical Archaeology discoveries

Archaeology – The First Christmas: the Story of Jesus Birth in History and Tradition

Archaeology – The Galilee Jesus Knew